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Tribute to Jack O'neill

paper - 07|28|2012


Theme Jack O'neill's life
Context Tribute to Jack O'Neill (founded the O'Neill brand) - pen drawing and biography - all important facts of Jack's life are hidden in the drawing > scroll down and you'll find the details! - KapOw - O'Neill Belgium - stay tuned @ Strook's facebook page
Materials pen and ink
Location Surf spots
Client O'neill Belgium and KapOw!

1952 - Jack's first surfshop - Santa Cruz

Jack’s hot air balloon

1952 - Inventor of the wetsuit - “First in, last out”

1972 - One-Eyed Jack - “The board came back and hit me, of all the places it could have hit me, it got me in the left eye.”

60's - First Beach Sailor

Jack’s Bathtub Area (House in Santa Cruz) - “When the waves come up, you get sprayed sitting in the bathtub”

1996 - Jack O’neill started Sea Odyssey - catamaran - A program to educate children about the importance of the relationship between the living sea and the environment.

“We want to ride energy”

“You just get one wave and everything is OK.”

Let the cold know we are not affraid - “Snow is only frozen water”

“Ride the elements”

“I used to take off and come back... I got pretty good in water landings!”

"It's Always Summer on the inside"